Joy Companion

Joy Companion

As a joy companion, I seek to assist my clients in finding joy in whatever capacity that looks like for them. Just because someone is nearing the end of their life does not mean that they cannot retain the tasks and hobbies they have always had. These services are tailored to the individual and may include light housekeeping, cooking, socialization, gardening, watching old movies, singing favorite music, reading together, exercise or any task to aid in the support, happiness and safety of the client.

An example of this service is a client I visited regularly at a senior living facility. She did not care to participate in activities but loved to go for walks. Unfortunately there were not enough staff members to take her for walks so once a week I would go and walk with her at a local park for an hour.

Starting at $50 per hour

Care Companion

Care Companion

If non-medical care is needed in the months or weeks leading up to the transition I am able to assist. This may include assistance with activities of daily living including but not limited to incontinence care, bedside bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, cooking regular meals, pet care, dementia assistance, etc. This care is considered on a case by case basis.

While hospice care is not a requirement of accepting my services, it is requested if you are to consider care companionship. A hospice organization (of your choice) will be able to assist with medical care, wound care, medication assistance, medical provider visits and will provide additional oversight for the end of life process. Hospice is a service that is provided to patients through Medicare, Medicare advantage plans or private insurance.

Starting at $75 per hour

Death Companion

Death Companion

Holistic transition support (mind, body, soul) can vary based on what the client or loved ones need. It may include any or all of the services listed to the left as well as assistance in body bathing and funeral preparation, gentle massage, reiki, and sitting vigil. It may also include education about the dying process and comfort suggestions. This support may be provided at any point before, during and after the dying process, based on your needs.

While the transition is something the body understands and the natural process will take over, there are many things that a Doula can provide to help make the transition easier on all involved. Preparing a safe and calm environment for the dying person and their circle of support is of upmost importance. It is my job to create an environment of peace and assist with any practical needs so that you may spend your time focused on your loved one.

Starting at $100 per hour


Reiki is an energy exchange that occurs usually through light touch and supports the spiritual wellbeing. It helps those at the end of life transition with less pain and more inner peace.

I am a Reiki level I and II practitioner and have been practicing since the age of thirteen (over 2 decades ago).

Funeral Support

Whether you choose a home funeral or a service in a funeral home, I can assist with answering questions, facilitating relationships, arrangements and support as you make decisions through grief.

No one wants to be taken advantage of or believe that they might be. Having a non-biased support person to help you determine what is needed and what is not can make the process much easier.

Hospice Partner

The word Hospice can cause anxiety to arise but utilizing Hospice, a free service, is one of the best decisions you can make regarding end of life care. I can assist you in making arrangements, answer questions & partner with your provider to maintain a continuous scope of care.

Song Therapy

As a vocal performer, I learn the songs that bring you and your loved ones comfort. Hearing is the final sensation to go, sometimes music can create the most beautiful moments during the departure process.

One client had become nonverbal and mostly unresponsive as she transitioned. When I sang her favorite song, Ave Maria, she began to cry and react to what she was hearing. Music is an incredibly powerful tool, especially for those with neurodivergence or a memory impairment such as Dementia.

Dementia Support

As a person with Dementia declines and transitions, their care and support needs will shift, sometimes drastically. I will be there to provide care, education and support for all.

With a Dementia diagnosis, many things in the person’s life that they used to enjoy could shift. They may only want to eat foods that are sweet or spicy, they may find comfort in dolls or stuffed animals, they may become fixated on certain habits or practices. Having someone to support their needs and those of their support circle is vital to their well being.

Other Services

  • Resource Assistant
  • Memorial videos/Legacy recordings
  • Character visits
  • Respite stays
  • Pet Funerals
  • Home Funerals