Ashleigh Skaggs

End of Life Navigator

Ashleigh (she/her) began to pursue a career as an End of Life Navigator (Death Doula) in 2020 after losing her father to suicide. A performer and singer since birth, she has entertained and brought others joy through her artistry for over 25 years. Formerly a Director of Sales and Marketing in senior living she has years of experience caring for seniors, the terminally ill and those living with Dementia.

After completing her end of life training course with Going with Grace in the spring of 2021, she went on to complete the Going with Grace business training course, EVOLVE before becoming a Going with Grace Student Guide in 2022. Ashleigh is registered as an end of life doula with the National End of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and Going with Grace. She opened her practice in Southern Indiana in the fall of 2021 and has been serving the communities of Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY ever since.

In her spare time she serves as a board member for Mind’s Eye Theatre Company in Louisville, KY, volunteers with Hosparus Health through their Korageous Kids program where she visits children with terminal diagnoses’ dressed as different Disney characters and she sings at several Louisville metro senior living facilities.

As a Queer identifying woman, Ashleigh strives to create a safe space and advocate for the best care and end of life practices for our LGBTQIA+ population. As our Queer elders age into senior living, there is concern that their beliefs and choices may not always be honored. Ashleigh’s goal is to be an advocate for their wants and needs so that their end of life is as peaceful and non re-traumatizing as possible.