Morning Star strives to guide and illuminate the shadowed path at the end of a person’s life.

Through creativity, stories, and self-expression, I focus on creating a safe environment, empowering clients and adding quality to their days by providing education, care, and cheerful companionship so they may greet death with a joyous soul.

As an End of Life Navigator (also known as a Death Doula), I provide non-medical holistic (mental, physical, practical) support during the end of life process. This support could last anywhere from a few days to years and is tailored to match your needs with a focus on quality, not quantity.

Society teaches us that death should be sad and dark but I promise it does not have to be. With laughter, music and a couple tears I will walk beside you as your companion through the end.

I serve the communities of Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY. I am willing to travel for contracted work.

Featured Services

Joy Companion

As a joy companion, I seek to assist my clients in finding joy and peace in their final years, months and days. Just because you’ve received a diagnosis, doesn’t mean you have to give up what makes you happy. 
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Care Companion

If non-medical care is needed in the months or weeks leading up to the transition, I am able to assist. This care is given in partnership with a hospice organization of your choice and may include assistance with different activities of daily living. 
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Death Companion

Holistic transition support (mind, body, soul) can vary based on what the client or loved ones need. The goal with this service is to advocate and provide for all of the dying persons needs in the final days while making sure their  support system has what they need to focus on their loved ones final moments. 
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“Attended one of Ashleigh’s Death Over Dinner events several months ago and it was wonderful conversation and awareness! Most recently I had a need for going over all things necessary to prepare for death and not leaving a mess for family to clear and take care of. Ashleigh’s training and experience as a certified death doula is invaluable. I highly recommend you schedule and meet with her. Your family will be so appreciative of you doing so! It’s the best parting gift you’ll leave – having pre-thought and preplanned for them – get that in motion TODAY!!”
“Ashleigh was made to do this line of work. She is an absolute light, full of compassion for others. She brings joy, music, understanding, knowledge, organization, and so many other gifts to very difficult circumstances. I highly recommend at least talking to her because words in a review cannot begin to describe all that she does and can do!”
I had the pleasure of attending one of Ashleigh Skaggs’ first events. The intimacy of the event in a public venue was amazing as people from various backgrounds shared about death and a loved one(s) who have party hopped. Connect with this business to learn more of how to be prepared, to walk through the dying experience, or to have your eyes opened and be ok talking about death.